Roncade, 2014. Telmo Pievani – That old and influential idea of progress: TEDxRoncade


Lisbon, 2013. Evolution Day.  Beyond Darwin: Recent Advances in Evolutionary Sciences/ Public Conference


Venice, 2012. Telmo Pievani – Ten years without Stephen J. Gould: the scientific heritage


Venice, 2012. Niles Eldredge – Stephen Jay Gould in the 1960s and 1970s, and the Origin of “Punctuated Equilibria”


Milan, 2012. Telmo Pievani and Eva Jablonka – On explanatory pluralism in the revised evolutionary theory


Pordenone, 2011. Niles Eldredge – Lectio Magistralis


Hillsdale College, 2002. Niles Eldregde – The case for evolution