History of the Group

The first meeting of the Hierarchy Group, entitled “The Hierarchy Theory of Evolution: A Pluralist Darwinian Perspective” was held in Genoa, at the 4th edition of the Genoa Science Festival. Detailed information are available here.

The second meeting of the Hierarchy Group was held in L’Havana, 6-8 January 2010, in the context of a great congress on the philosophical, methodological, epistemological implications of  “complexity” (Complejidad) (schedule attached). Beyond the original members of the group who participated to the Genoa meeting, in L’Havana there were also Ian Tattersall (who gave a contribution on paleoanthropological themes) and Stefano Dominici (historical contribution). Telmo Pievani also recalls that during the hierarchy group session a representative of the Communist Party in the audience who completely misunderstood the meaning of the term “hierarchy” in an evolutionary framework, commented that “hierarchy is a bad word, because no existen jerarquías en Cuba, estamos a favor de la igualdad !!”

The third meeting was in Salt Lake City, July 2011, in the context of the  biennial Meeting of ISHPPSB, The International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (schedule attached) which brings together scholars from diverse disciplines, including the life sciences as well as history, philosophy, and social studies of science. The biennial ISHPSSB summer meetings are known for innovative, transdisciplinary sessions, and for fostering informal, co-operative exchanges and on-going collaborations. Hierarchy Group organized 3 sessions during the meeting. Emanuele Serrelli (a member of the Hierarchy Group), who spent 6 months in Salt Lake City for research, contributed to the organization of the whole event and to the Hierarchy Group sessions

The last Meeting of the Hierarchy Group organized so far has been held in Padua (University of Padua, Department of Biology), in May 2014.


COMPLEJIDAD 2010, La Havana (Cuba)

ISHPSSB 2011, University of Utah, Salt Lake City (USA)